Reishi Dried Mushroom Powder (Adaptagen)

Reishi Dried Mushroom Powder (Adaptagen)

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Harness all of the health benefits of the Reishi mushroom with the freedom to eat it however you prefer! All of our powders are kept air-tight, and the mushroom crops we use for powders are always fresh before the drying and pulverizing process. We love to hear what our customers use our products for, so let us know how you add it into your diet!

Studies show Reishi Mushrooms:

  • immune boosting
  • speeds wound healing
  • makes antibiotics more effective
  • reduces heart disease risk
  • protects against cancer
  • longevity boosting
  • antioxidant
  • improves circulation
  • boosts liver function
  • helps heart health
  • reduces cholesterol and insulin resistance
  • protects brain from oxidative damage
  • helps with seasonal allergies