About us

Haashrooms - Who We Are

Haashrooms is a 65 acre mushroom farm in Goochland, Virginia owned and operated by Steve and Elizabeth Haas. Haashrooms was founded in 2010. All products are handcrafted in small batches.

Haashrooms is dedicated to using the whole fruit body in all products and providing the highest quality, organic and fair trade ingredients. 

All About Steve Haas

Steve is a local grower and wild mushroom/wild plant expert of 30 years and leads year round guided mushroom hunts in this region and around the world, with the hope to teach others how to identify and locate wild edible foods. He's been featured in many Richmond publications, with this article from rvanews being one of his personal favorites.

All About Elizabeth Haas

Elizabeth is a certified aesthetician and market gardener who formulates each product with Steve to offer optimal health benefits and natural remedies. Their goal is to create products that showcase these health benefits through the miracle of mushrooms and foraged plants. Liz is the face and producer of the Forage Skincare line, which you can read more about here.