Haashrooms Body Care Value Set

Haashrooms Body Care Value Set

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$85 Value Set!

This organic, fair trade jojoba oil and lavender lotion infused with Haashrooms Shiitake extract helps nourish your skin while promoting new cell growth. Studies show the powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of Shiitake mushrooms may help to:

  • Strengthen the skins natural defenses against aging and discoloration*
  • Prevent cell breakdown and encourage faster skin renewal*
  • Encourage exfoliation*
  • Increase skin elasticity and improve vitality*

The Tremella mushroom helps keep hair hydrated and healthy. This “beauty mushroom” holds 500x its weight and moisture and is superior to hyaluronic acid due to its molecules being smaller, locking in and strengthening each hair follicle. This plant based essential oil shampoo and conditioner is a sulfate free, fully vegan formula that restores hair’s softness, volume, and shine.

Haashrooms Triple Mushroom Body Wash: 

Chaga mushrooms help protect the skin from sun damage, and helps reduce the effects of long term sun damage. Due to chaga's high density of pigment and melanin, Chaga is effective in protecting the skin from sun rays and UV exposure.

Shiitake mushrooms help strengthen the skins natural defenses against aging and discoloration, prevent cell breakdown and encourage faster skin renewal, and increase skin elasticity and improve vitality.

Tremella mushrooms have a natural hyaluronic acid production, locks in moisture, balances pH levels, stimulates collagen formation, while increasing Vitamin D and reducing inflammation.